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Posted by Ellie Rose on 9th Apr 2018

Recently I had a lovely brand named, So...Smile, who are a teeth whitening product based brand send me over two of their amazing products to test out and review on my bog post. I have included me unboxing the two products in my vlog channel, ellie rose vlogs for you all to see me unbox them and try them out.

If any of you wish to purchase anything from their range you can and I will link below at the end of this blog post their website details.

I am very fortunate for the products which I got sent and the products which I was kindly sent were the : 'on the go' teeth whitening pen and the Ice blue teeth whitening powder.
Both of these products have the same outcome however they work differently.

I'm going to start of with the teeth whitening pen, this is a normal sized pen which is handy for people who like to travel and for people who are either always running late to places or need to quickly whiten their teeth. This product is reasonably priced at 13.99 however at the moment on the website they have a deal on for buying it at the price of £10.00. The pen works by twisting the bottom of it and then the products will come through a brush which is acted like tooth brush type for whitening you'r teeth.
If you are looking for sparkly white teeth but you are running late somewhere this pen is ideal for you and it's very inexpensive.

The other item, which I was also kindly sent was the ice blue whitening powder. This was the one that I was mostly intrigued about because I have never really tested out a teeth powder, so this one was very interesting.
This was a blue powder costing £19.99, which is a little bit more expensive however, it is also an affordable price for what it is.
The way you use this powder is by wetting your original tooth brush in some normal cold water and then afterwards you dab your tooth brush into the powder and then it will turning a paste, like a normal tooth paste, you then brush your teeth for the normal time of 2 minutes, 2x a day. If you do this consistently throughout a week, you'll be able to notice a change in your teeth from yellow - white and sparkly. This product is a little bit more messier due to it being a powder formula however I have really liked for the past three days which I have use it for. ( so far anyways)

If you lovely bunch of people would like to buy either of these items I will link them below, along with the website to So...Smile.

Website - Premium Teeth Whitening
Whitening pen - 'On The Go' Teeth Whitening Pen

Whitening powder - Ice Blue Teeth Whitening Powder

Thankyou for reading this blog post all about the brand So...Smile, I hope you like these types of blogs, if you want to see my first initial reaction and me trying out the powder I will link the blog in which I tried it out in.


Love you all, so so much!!

Ellie rose