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About Us

So...Smile Premium Teeth Whitening is a new improved professionally sourced formula, which allows you to safely whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

If you are a lover of Tea, Coffee, or Red Wine this product can help! with some results showing after only 1 treatment.

Our Formula sourced by Dental Professionals contains a safe level of whitening ingredients which lightens and brightens your teeth without creating strong sensitivity which can occur when using strong bleaches or intense whitening systems.

Our products not only whiten your teeth but also help prevent future stains as you can top up or use our system whenever you like.

So...Smile is a family run business based in the Uk and we aim to provide quality and results, all of our products abide by UK legal legislation.

Gel Ingredients;

Propylene Glycol


Deionized Water


Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium

Sodium Bicarbonate




0.1% Hydrogen peroxide


Suitable Ranges

  • Yellow Teeth or badly stained Teeth caused by smoking, tea, coffee, red wine etc.
  • Age related discoloured or stained Teeth.
  • Light to moderate Tetracycline pigmentation teeth and dental fluorosis.
  • Those who just want a lighter and brighter smile.


A confident bright smile is the best accessory you can wear! Join the So...Smile family and start whitening today!